Practice Test


Four-fifths of the people on a hike are children. If there are 12 children, what is the total number of people on the hike?


One number is three more than twice another. Their sum is −63.−63. Find the numbers.


The sum of two consecutive odd integers is −96.−96. Find the numbers.


Marla’s breakfast was 525 calories. This was 35% of her total calories for the day. How many calories did she have that day?


Humberto’s hourly pay increased from $16.25 to $17.55. Find the percent increase.


Melinda deposited $5,985 in a bank account with an interest rate of 1.9%. How much interest was earned in 2 years?


Dotty bought a freezer on sale for $486.50. The original price of the freezer was $695. Find ⓐ the amount of discount and ⓑ the discount rate.


Bonita has $2.95 in dimes and quarters in her pocket. If she has five more dimes than quarters, how many of each coin does she have?


At a concert, $1,600 in tickets were sold. Adult tickets were $9 each and children’s tickets were $4 each. If the number of adult tickets was 30 less than twice the number of children’s tickets, how many of each kind were sold?


Kim is making eight gallons of punch from fruit juice and soda. The fruit juice costs $6.04 per gallon and the soda costs $4.28 per gallon. How much fruit juice and how much soda should she use so that the punch costs $5.71 per gallon?


The measure of one angle of a triangle is twice the measure of the smallest angle. The measure of the third angle is 14 more than the measure of the smallest angle. Find the measures of all three angles.


What is the height of a triangle with area 277.2 square inches and base 44 inches?

In the following exercises, use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of the missing side. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary.


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A baseball diamond is really a square with sides of 90 feet. How far is it from home plate to second base, as shown?No Alt Text


The length of a rectangle is two feet more than five times the width. The perimeter is 40 feet. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.


Two planes leave Dallas at the same time. One heads east at a speed of 428 miles per hour. The other plane heads west at a speed of 382 miles per hour. How many hours will it take them to be 2,025 miles apart?


Leon drove from his house in Cincinnati to his sister’s house in Cleveland, a distance of 252 miles. It took him 412412 hours. For the first half hour he had heavy traffic, and the rest of the time his speed was five miles per hour less than twice his speed in heavy traffic. What was his speed in heavy traffic?


Chloe has a budget of $800 for costumes for the 18 members of her musical theater group. What is the maximum she can spend for each costume?


Frank found a rental car deal online for $49 per week plus $0.24 per mile. How many miles could he drive if he wants the total cost for one week to be no more than $150?