Practice Test

In the following exercises, translate to a system of equations and solve.

399.The sum of two numbers is −24. One number is 104 less than the other. Find the numbers.
400.Ramon wants to plant cucumbers and tomatoes in his garden. He has room for 16 plants, and he wants to plant three times as many cucumbers as tomatoes. How many cucumbers and how many tomatoes should he plant?
401.Two angles are complementary. The measure of the larger angle is six more than twice the measure of the smaller angle. Find the measures of both angles.
402.On Monday, Lance ran for 30 minutes and swam for 20 minutes. His fitness app told him he had burned 610 calories. On Wednesday, the fitness app told him he burned 695 calories when he ran for 25 minutes and swam for 40 minutes. How many calories did he burn for one minute of running? How many calories did he burn for one minute of swimming?
403.Kathy left home to walk to the mall, walking quickly at a rate of 4 miles per hour. Her sister Abby left home 15 minutes later and rode her bike to the mall at a rate of 10 miles per hour. How long will it take Abby to catch up to Kathy?
404.It takes 512 hours for a jet to fly 2,475 miles with a headwind from San Jose, California to Lihue, Hawaii. The return flight from Lihue to San Jose with a tailwind, takes 5 hours. Find the speed of the jet in still air and the speed of the wind.
405.Liz paid $160 for 28 tickets to take the Brownie troop to the science museum. Children’s tickets cost $5 and adult tickets cost $9. How many children’s tickets and how many adult tickets did Liz buy?
406.A pharmacist needs 20 liters of a 2% saline solution. He has a 1% and a 5% solution available. How many liters of the 1% and how many liters of the 5% solutions should she mix to make the 2% solution?
407.Translate to a system of inequalities and solve.

Andi wants to spend no more than $50 on Halloween treats. She wants to buy candy bars that cost $1 each and lollipops that cost $0.50 each, and she wants the number of lollipops to be at least three times the number of candy bars.

ⓐ Write a system of inequalities to model this situation.
ⓑ Graph the system.
ⓒ Can she buy 20 candy bars and 70 lollipops?
ⓓ Can she buy 15 candy bars and 65 lollipops?