Key Terms

A binomial is a polynomial with exactly two terms.

degree of a constant
The degree of a constant is 0.

degree of a polynomial
The degree of a polynomial is the highest degree of all its terms.

degree of a term
The degree of a term of a polynomial is the exponent of its variable.

greatest common factor
The greatest common factor (GCF) of two or more expressions is the largest expression that is a factor of all the expressions.

A term of the form axm, where a is a constant and m is a whole number, is called a monomial.

negative exponent
If n is a positive integer and a≠0, then a−n=1an.

A polynomial is a monomial, or two or more monomials, combined by addition or subtraction.

scientific notation
A number expressed in scientific notation when it is of the form a×10n, where a≥1 and a<10, and n is an integer.

A trinomial is a polynomial with exactly three terms.

zero exponent
If a is a non-zero number, then a0=1. Any nonzero number raised to the zero power is 1.