Key Concepts

3.1 Introduction to Integers

  • Opposite Notation
    • −a−a means the opposite of the number aa
    • The notation −a−a is read the opposite of a.a.
  • Absolute Value Notation
    • The absolute value of a number nn is written as |n||n|.
    • |n|≥0|n|≥0 for all numbers.

3.2 Add Integers

3.3 Subtract Integers

3.4 Multiply and Divide Integers

3.5 Solve Equations Using Integers; The Division Property of Equality

  • How to determine whether a number is a solution to an equation.
    • Step 1. Substitute the number for the variable in the equation.
    • Step 2. Simplify the expressions on both sides of the equation.
    • Step 3. Determine whether the resulting equation is true.
      • If it is true, the number is a solution.
      • If it is not true, the number is not a solution.