databot™ Online STEM Program


databot™ Online monthly STEM program that includes exciting science explorations using sensors!


Students receive access to various resources for exploring STEM topics using sensors on their smartphones or databot™ devices.  Each week students receive a new STEM exploration that will introduce them to the invisible forces that surround us that can be detected, measured, and visualized with scientific sensors.

How to use this program:

  1. Set a regular weekly time for the exploration.  It requires 60-90 minutes to conduct the hands-on activity with sensors and complete the online materials that include a check for understanding quiz.  Upon completion of each exploration, students receive a badge for the exploration.  Collecting badges represents their progress so recognize these with pride.
  2. Doing this program once a week as a habit will develop lifelong skills in science, critical thinking, data management, and more.  We deliver these units weekly to keep the explorations fresh – avoid “burnout” and make it a fun, weekly exploration.
  3. Completion of eight badges results in a Certificate for that series.  For example, the first Certificate is all about Newtonian physics -students will be studying acceleration, gravity, and more in their first eight explorations as they learn science by doing activities like Ninja Walk and Whirling Dervish.

In addition to the weekly explorations, additional course material is provided for study and research.  There is a complete High School Physics curriculum, complete with quizzes, activities, and tests that is an outstanding course for ensuring students understand the fundamentals of Physics.  This is a great resource for preparing for exams such as the ACT, SAT, CBSE, and other standardized assessments.  The content within this course will provide more depth to the explorations students are doing with sensors.  This material is not required by students, but is available if desired.


6 Months, Monthly, Yearly


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