A | Cumulative Review

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Chapter 1 Whole Numbers

No exercises.

Chapter 2 The Language of Algebra


Translate into an algebraic expression.

4. 11 less than the product of 77 and x.

Translate into an algebraic equation and solve.

5. The difference of yy and 77 gives 84.84.

6. Find all the factors of 72.72.

7. Find the prime factorization of 132.132.

8. Find the least common multiple of 1212 and 20.20.

Chapter 3 Integers

Translate into an algebraic expression or equation.

Chapter 5 Decimals



Chapter 8 Solve Linear Equations


Translate and solve.

68. Four less than nn is 13.13.

Chapter 9 Math Models and Geometry

Chapter 10 Polynomials


Factor the greatest common factor from the polynomial.

Chapter 11 Graphs


Graph using the intercepts.