databot™ Explorations

databot™ Explorations is an ongoing course in which students receive a new sensor based exploration each week that takes 60-90 minutes.  These sensor explorations will range through a number of exciting hands-on topics that provide real-world application of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). If your student(s) adopt a regular schedule of doing these activities once a week, over the course of time they will be introduced to an extraordinary amount of real-world, hands-on science topics in addition to becoming highly literate with regard to sensors and data.  

The activities require access to a smartphone or tablet (Android or iPad) with sensors.  Google your device make and model with the term “sensors” and you should be able to see what is available.  Our activities use the accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer for a variety of hands-on experiments.  

Here are some examples of activitiies:

Week 1: Ninja Physics

Students explore acceleration, understand the difference between the speed and acceleration, and personally interact with the amazing force of gravity in the Ninja Walk challenge!

Week 2: Egg Drop

Students explore the relationship between mass, force, and acceleration as they work to build the perfect crash cushioning mechanism to protect an egg in this updated, data-driven, egg-drop experiment.